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Thursday, January 15, 2009

Don't Hero-worship, Your Hero May Be A Zero

Don't Hero-worship, Your Hero May Be A Zero

It's no use hero-worshipping any one these days. In fact, it wasn't any different even in the days gone by.

You just don't know that your hero may be a zero after all.

There have been innumerable incidents in the past and in the present when some one whom you had put on pedestal disappointed you sooner or later. And you felt terribly cheated because all along that person was your torch bearer, your leader, guru, mentor, ideal, idol and what else?

Many of these so called great men have been hoodwinking every one but you just did not have even the slightest hint. And one fine (or is it bad) day, that great person gets exposed doing some scam or fraud, committing day light robbery and looting the public.

All along you had been idolizing your hero for having built up a great empire or a great business or for holding a very high position in a high office. You looked at his success and got mesmerized. He was in the newspapers, on TV, on the net and every where you can think of, every second of every minute. The media and along with the media, you also went ga-ga over his professional and personal achievements. But after getting exposed, the same media painted him in mud and you started realizing that his professional and personal success were a big fraud and scam. By now you know that his personal wealth is all stolen money; your own money, the public money he has so smartly snatched away from you under your very nose.

I do not wish to dirty my hands by writing the names of such thousands of hero-zeros of the world but one can always do it by referring to the archives. And millions of people all over the world used to rave about these people in superlatives until these people were caught red handed doing horrible activities.

Lesson to learn: don't hero worship any one; all you may know, some other day, is that your hero is actually a big zero. After all, every one is made up of clay finally. Don't get awed by any one.

On the other hand, believe in yourself. Believe that you are a complete entity in yourself. Live life as per your own values making sure that they are correct in every way and yet, do learn from various people and circumstances, wisely. But, definitely, you don't need to copy or imitate any flashy soul (generally hyped by the media) who may in fact be a big bad wolf in disguise.

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