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Friday, March 6, 2009

Capitalist Model is Great But It's an Illusion

Capitalism or Socialism or an Intelligent Blend?

Among all the known models, the capitalist model seems better, more effective and more beneficial for most people in every way. But there is a catch to it. It works well when things are done in a "natural' way, when people behave in a "balanced" manner, follow the life's "fundamentals" and operate on a "win-win" approach. The moment these things are screwed up by the people with large ulterior motives and exploitative behavior, the model gets screwed up in reality. It looks like an illusion. So, in reality, we cannot think of an Utopian society of only value based people. There are always those monsters and criminals and greedy people who do not value "values" much and remain utterly selfish. These people gang up and screw up the advantages of capitalist model and free economy. The result: recession and yet worse, economic depression.

What's the solution then? It has to come in the form of some socialist controls which work as deterrents on the value-less unethical actions of the people who try to indulge in them. These controls can be introduced and exercised in the form of laws passed by the democratic systems or the bodies, institutions or organizations of the people from the entire human society. In the capitalist model, a spirit of taking care of the general public should be integrated. The whole affair has to be a win-win outcome. The phenomenon of "people who have money keep on making money at the expense of others" should be constantly watched and people in general should be facilitated to get their proportionate share.

A judicious mix of capitalist model with socialist spirit emerges out to be the winner.

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