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Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Doctor or Mercenary

An Appalling True Story

This true appalling incident saddened me lots. A friend of mine narrated this to me.

His father recently died from heart ailment. My friend had admitted his father to the intensive care unit of a hospital run by the most reputed heart specialist/surgeon of a big city of a big country of the earth. His father had the second heart attack and was in an extremely critical state. The heart specialist/surgeon confirmed that his father was very critical and chances of survival were less and he insisted on an immediate operation and emphasized the need to install a pace maker if he wanted his father to be alive and recover.

Accordingly, a pace maker was installed in the body. Yet, the things did not work and he died. When the dead body was being taken away from the hospital, my friend requested the attending doctor (different from the heart specialist/surgeon) to take out the pace maker from the body and hand it over to him, after all it was hardly used.

The attending doctor checked up and mentioned that there was no pace maker in the dead body. My friend was shocked; he couldn't believe. He told the attending doctor about the operation performed the day before and also told as to how the heart specialist/surgeon had emphasized on installing the pace maker. The attending doctor once again confirmed that there was no pace maker in the body.

Immediately, my friend spoke with the heart specialist/surgeon about it and the heart specialist/surgeon offered him enormous amount of money to keep his mouth shut.

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