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Friday, February 11, 2011

Will the Future See Leaderless Societies?

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The "Leader" or "Leadership" Paradigm Will Become Obsolete in Future

Egypt's "leaderless" revolution has shown in clear terms that people do not need leaders for their achievements.

"The need for a leader" hoax has been drilled into the minds of people by the interested and selfish parties over the ages. As a result of this brainwash, it created a mindset of dependency of people on their so called leaders. This age old paradigm created dictators, bosses, superiors, leaders, hierarchies etc. It injected a sense of helplessness among the people and it tarnished their understanding and assessment of their own potentials.

The future will see emergence of new paradigms: the "people" paradigm in general or social life and the "professional" paradigm in the work life. All we need for maintenance and growth of societies and organizations is to accept this new concept that every human being is a "person" and a "professional". No human being is either boss or subordinate, leader or follower, dictator and oppressed, superior or subordinate, higher hierarchy or lower hierarchy, highbrow and lowbrow etc.

All are equal persons and equal professionals. And they have a right to live their lives as such.

People will live in peace with each other in their social lives and the professionals will run all those domains that need to be run effectively and efficiently so that people can live in peace.

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1 comment:

  1. Wow. I thought I was the only one who thought like this. You're right. That is the future. The developing countries need it now. The time is right. The people are ready. How do we go about it? Imagine creating your own life, helping others to do so and enjoying life like it was meant to be enjoyed. The leaderless society is the final step in the evolution of human society. It's about time. Let freedom ring!