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Monday, July 25, 2011

Why Those Horrible “No Reply” Emails?

Every Email Should Allow "Two Way" Communication

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Here is a small little story about a person who bought a sophisticated automatic hammer. And then you found him busy fixing the nails all over on the walls of his house.

When the entire walls of all the rooms started getting the nails fixed into them, someone asked him, “Hey, why so many nails in every wall all over?”

He replied pretty seriously, “I have bought this new automatic hammer and it automatically does the work of hammering the nails into the walls so very easily. I could never do such a thing with my old manual hammer. And so now, I am making full use of this wonderful tool.”

That exactly explains why we keep receiving those tons of horrible “no reply” emails from all kinds of our business associates, service providers and everyone else. An irritating abuse of the technological toy they have now!!

Those emails are like, “We have spoken to you, now you shut up, we did our job.” You have a reason to feel insulted.

Most “no reply” emails leave you with mixed feelings of very partial satisfaction but more anger, frustration, insult and helplessness.

If these “no reply” emails arouse some questions, some doubts, some queries in your mind (which is what happens most of the times with such “no reply” emails), you have no way of getting them clarified.

Some “no reply” emails are seen to insert a link in them. This kind of “no reply” email suggests that you can go to that link and get your problems and queries voiced. However, invariably, such links take you through a very circuitous and horrendous route and land you on some useless space on the vast Internet. Invariably you never meet up with the person who was the brain behind programming that “no reply” email. So, then after trying for a while you give up.

If you are left with a choice, you will definitely like to dump such business associates, service providers and others who shoot out such “no reply” emails.

Then what was the sense in that “no reply” communication? It only indicates a sheer sense of irresponsibility and non-accountability on the part of the sender of such a “no reply” email.

Shun the “no reply” email and get on with the “two way” communication with every piece of communication and email.

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