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Thursday, November 17, 2011

Why Should Only 1% of the World's People Should Have All the 99% World's Wealth (Blatant Social Injustice)?

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All People Together Create Wealth for the Organizations (and Nations) and They Should be Given a Just and Proportionate Share of the Created Wealth

Vilfredo Pareto was a 19th century economist who observed in 1906 that 80% of Italy's land and wealth was owned by 20% of the population (refer or

Over past 100 years, the situation has worsened. It may not be an exaggeration to say (figuratively) that presently just about only 1% of the people have grabbed around all of 99% of the world's wealth. And definitely not necessarily by ethical practices or by honest hard work.

Utter economic inequality and blatant social injustice, isn't it? Yes, it is.

In every organization (whatsoever nature of organization it may be), many people work. Together they create wealth for that organization (and nation). But the distribution of that wealth is quite lopsided. The lion's share is grabbed (by hook or crook) by extremely small number of people who are at the helm of that organization (including the nation). They do it by drawing disproportionately and extraordinarily high salaries, perquisites and profit-share. Obscenely and vulgarly high indeed (at times 1000 times or 10,000 times or so more than the lowly paid other people of the same organization)! The balance minuscule amount of wealth is thrown at the rest of the people (as if obliging them, as if they are slaves or beggars).

Does it mean that those few people at the top single-handedly contribute 1000 times or 10,000 more towards creation of wealth of that organization? Remove the rest of the people and see if these few people (at the top) can create the same wealth that the organization (and nation) is currently creating. It's inconceivable and practically impossible. You need other people (other than those top few) to create wealth.  

It only goes to show that other people too contribute hell of a lot in creating the wealth for that organization. Their contribution is as significant as the contribution of the top few. 

Then it does not make sense in having such a big yawning gap between the emoluments of the CEOs and few other people of these organizations and the rest of the people of the same organizations.
Therefore, the highest emolument paid to any person in an organization should not be more than say, ten times that of the lowest emolument in any organization.That's all.

Just because an organization is providing the employment does not mean that the top few of that organization can get away by exploiting hundreds and thousands of people who give their brain, mind, talents, skills and sweat to these organizations.

Some serious thinking and movement are necessary to kill this kind of day-light exploitation of people.  

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