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Monday, December 19, 2011

Has the Country Done the Root Cause Analysis of "Why Corruption"?

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Introducing Legislation and Creating Gigantic Organizations to Deal With the Chronic Disease "Corruption" Will be Only Marginally Effective Without Prior Diagnosis of the Deadly Disease

The current case in point is the "Lokpal" (legislation to fight corruption) exercise undertaken in India. Entire self proclaiming intelligent crowd of India from all the conceivable segments of the society is busy with it. "Lokpal" is being seen as the major medicine to cure the worst disease of humanity i.e. "corruption".

Now the problem is nobody can give any guarantee that passing this legislation (and its expensive implementation, if it is done the way it should be done) will eradicate or even contain corruption. And it is true because who has ever done any serious and deeper diagnostic studies to honestly understand and accept the real causes of corruption?

There is a dire need to first carry out detailed studies (using the scientific models) to pin down the reasons for the widespread corruption in the country in each and every public and private organizations (most of all, including the government, the political parties and the politicians). The root cause analysis is very vital.

The root cause analysis will spill out the real reasons of corruption. Then the real problems will be understood correctly. It will be a worthwhile investment to go deeper into the cases of frauds, scams and corruption that have taken place. Such case studies will be very useful if they are undertaken fearlessly and truthfully.

Therefore, the self proclaiming intelligent crowd of the country should get busy with this all important exercise immediately. Based on the outcome of such studies most appropriate, correct and effective solutions can be designed and implemented. With the right kind of such preventive and curative medicines, the disease "corruption" can be contained and eradicated. Without such an approach, its only a blind shot in the dark.

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