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Saturday, September 6, 2008

Women's Liberation (Women's Lib)

Women’s lib (Women’s liberation) was sensationalized by burning the bras. It did attract people’s attention and few good things might have happened superficially here and there for women due to it. It was a symbolic event to ask for equal rights for women, same as what the men have, in many areas of life.

The fact is, women still wear the bras, by their own choice. And they can or they should, if they think that they should.

The point we are making is, women should have right of a choice or choices and right of having equal rights. The things should not be imposed on them by men or by society or by religious or political (so called, self appointed) leaders or their rights should not be limited or curtailed.
The most important aspect is that women should be able to uphold their identity all the time, which is their fundamental choice.

However, in reality, it is not so. As soon as they get married, they have to change their identity. They have to change their name. In every country, all over the world, women are made to adopt their husband’s family name (and in many communities in the world, the husbands can even change the first name of women they marry). It is ridiculous. It is horrible.

After marriage, this is one of the biggest traumas women undergo. They suddenly lose their identity (not by their choice but by the social and religious traditions and customs endorsed also by the legalities). For first 20, 25, 30-35 years before marriage, she is Miss Reena Thomas and immediately after marriage she has to become Mrs Reena Fernandez. Or Miss Kavita Chopra becomes Mrs Kavita Bhatia and so on. And then she has to get this new name registered on her various legal documents: pass-port, driving license, in the documents of the organization where she works etc. While, this involves tons of avoidable non-value adding work for everyone, the worst sufferer is the lady herself, who has lost her identity of first 20, 25, 30-35 years of her life by having to change her name.

There is in fact no need for all this change of family name of women after their marriage. They can simply remain Ms Reena or Ms Kavita or Ms Najma. What’s the big purpose, what’s the big need? There is no need to suffix the family names or surnames.

In fact, it will also be a good idea for all the men folk also to forget about their family names or surnames. What’s the big harm if Mr John Fernandez just remains Mr John? Or Mr Ramesh Jain just remains Mr Ramesh. Or Mr Salam Basha just remains Mr Salam. The uniqueness of a name, whether of man or woman, can be maintained for all legal or financial requirements, by processing his or her first name along with his or her mother’s name and his or her birth date and birth year.

All of this also will help to create one harmonious world of people who do not display their caste, creed, color, religion and nationality in an obvious manner by attaching their family names or surnames. It will prove to be one great step towards world peace.

Women, are you listening? Take this up as your next step in Women’s Liberation movement, perhaps the most important part of upholding your choices and rights.

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