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Saturday, September 13, 2008

What They Don't Teach You In Best of Schools and Families

Life is no bed of roses automatically. Yet many schools, colleges, institutions, governments and families show only the easier side of life and how the emerging global, political, economical environment are going to help large population of people on earth. Many people take it as gospel truth literally and think that their lot will be taken care of by the system.

In real life, this is not true. despite all the optimism and feel good factors, every individual will have to know the tougher side of life and prepare himself or herself right from the word go.

You have to understand a few hard facts about life which they don't teach you in the best of the schools and the families:

1. For your success or failure, you are responsible. No teacher, school, organization, boss, environment or system is interested in you as much as you should be. They all have their own problems and they are busy solving them. Don't be fooled if some organization claims to have a career planning system for its employees.

2. Just because a few elite colleges scream about their job placement achievements in terms of the astronomical salaries their students were offered (most times it may not be statistically correct and it may be more of their ad campaign), please remember that you are not going to get that kind of publicised salary just like that. You may get one if the employer thinks that you are the right one. Become the right one. You can't fake it. It requires real work on your part.

3. Don't dream that there will be some "ideal" organization. Every organization has strong points and weaknesses. So, choose the one with care and yet don't get disillusioned if you find faults in it.

4. Most companies have politics. Keep your eyes and ears open to know it. However, do not get involved in it and don't play it yourself. Yet, don't be naive.

5. Every job, howsoever glamorous it may look to the outside world, finally boils down to mundane, detailed and repetitive minor sets of activities. Don't get bored easily. The more you repeat, the more you practice, the better craftsman you will become. And you will earn lots too. A good surgeon makes tons of money doing repetitive operations on large numbers of patients day in and day out. The world thinks high of him.

6. There is no need to emphasize as to how many hours you stayed at the work place. Important thing to ask is: did you do a fair share of the job with good results and could you make yourself more effective? Work is un-ending. But do go back home to your family members to spend good time with them or you will lose them though you may have your job. Your spouse, kids and parents are as important as your job, employers and customers.

7. Gradually meritocracy is taking over the street smarts, show-offs and sycophants. Future is for people with merits. So, concentrate on improving your values, knowledge, competencies, skills, expertise, paradigms and internal motivation.

8. The real world is not as glamorous as they show in movies or in serials on television. There is lot of escapism built into them. Don't remain in that world for very long, get out of it soon after you have finished with a movie or a television serial and get on with the real life tasks ahead of you in case you want to accomplish something in your personal, family and professional life.

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