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Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Do the Countries Really Need Politicians and Politics?

Do the Countries Really Need Politicians and Politics?

This is an important question to answer in today's times.

Most democracies are still following the King/Queen model even after adopting democracy. The elected politicians start behaving like kings/queens. They literally start acting like lords. Do we really need such people with "politics" as their main or only competency?

Or do we need people with other competencies that are needed by any nation and it's people who know how to manage various aspects of science, technology, economy, development, people, education, employment, progress, health, environment, discipline and peace.

The candidates who wish to offer their services and expertise as a part of the institution called "government" should possess these kinds of competencies, education and experience. The election authorities should have a body of known and proven experts in these fields and they should screen out and reject the candidates who do not possess the right competencies, education and experience.

The candidates who stand good as per these criteria should only be allowed to present themselves for getting elected in the government. The highest posts in each department should not be that of a "political minister" but should be like that of CEOs, departmental heads etc.

With this type of model, the nations will function better.

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