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Wednesday, November 19, 2008

When The Fundamentals Are Massacred, Global Recession Is Born

Fundamentals Slaughtered: Global Recession (2008) Is The Outcome

Wrong exploiting practices bordering on cheating the general public led by the ever increasing greed adopted by the corporations, the industrialists, directors of the board of companies, CEOs, promoters of businesses, banks and bankers, financial institutions, builders and property dealers, the governments, politicians and bureaucrats, life and other insurance companies, credit card joints and value-flouting professionals have all finally culminated in the dangerous world wide recession (2008).

And the funniest part is, they are all asking for help from the governments who in fact collect the money, in the form of taxes from the very public (the gullible public) who are ultimately the suckers, the same very people who have been duped by the recession. So, the culprits are begging for their existence from the same very people whom they have looted in the first place. Where from this public who is losing their earnings and jobs in millions will pay taxes to the governments and where from the governments will pay these losing corporations?

Utter paradox and contradictions!! It's a full foul circle or more correctly put, negatively increasing spiral- damn difficult to break in. Only way to break in it and cut into it to convert it into a positively increasing spiral is: Start following the FUNDAMENTALS and Don't Fool With.

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