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Thursday, June 25, 2009

Giving Numbers to Human Beings Is Dehumanizing

With Powerful Computers, Word Processing Is Possible; Giving Numbers of Any Sort to Human Beings Is Not Necessary- It Is Dehumanizing

Many countries have this system of assigning a unique identification number (called severally, different name in different country) to each and every person who lives in that country. Many other countries are trying to ape the others.

In fact, with powerful computers available all around us, giving numbers is not at all necessary. Powerful computers with large capacities can perform word processing very effectively, accurately and fast. So, where is question of giving numbers? In fact, no numbers should be given to people by any one in future, say by banks, credit card companies, schools or anyone else etc and existing numbers should become defunct. These days we are literally sick of all these numbers- there are hundreds of them with everyone and we just don't know how to manage them. Every Tom, Dick and Harry slips a number to us.

You will ask how to give the unique identity to a person then? It is simple. The full name of the person, correctly spelt read along with the person's mother's maiden name, date of birth, place of birth etc will give unique identity to each person. For internal processing, computers can generate their internal numbers if necessary.

Giving numbers is dehumanizing. You don't remain you but a number. Nonsense.

Giving unique numbers is not important and not necessary. What is necessary is a foolproof system of capturing the names of all the persons on computer. And further updating system should also be intact and foolproof.

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