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Monday, July 13, 2009

Who Says Marriages Are Made in Heaven?

No, They Have to Be Worked Out on Earth

Taking marriage for granted is the sure shot way to failure of marriage- it may result in withdrawals, tenseness, irritation, bickering, sadness, unhappiness, discords, fights and may be, divorce.

Everyone gets adversely and negatively affected- husband, wife and children.

Never ever assume that since it was love at first sight or second sight or it was a well analyzed or well planned search for the life partner through a series of dating procedures or it was a perfect match making by way of arranged marriage procedure also involving parents or other well wishers and also the horoscope matching pundits, it will automatically end up in a perfect marriage. Do not think that successful marriage will automatically happen.

No, it does not happen; it has to be worked out. It requires the necessary values, knowledge (rational, emotional and spiritual), thinking patterns (paradigms) and a strong will to develop and implement the related skills and competencies and finally using those skills and competencies through out the married life. Also refer: (Life Management: Effectiveness Management: HSoftware)

Developing the marriage related skills and competencies and implementing them need to be addressed with lots of seriousness. You will have to list down what skills and competencies you should develop and implement to make your marriage a success. Get knowledge on them, acquire them, practice them and implement them. Also refer: (Competencies- Life Management) or

To help you further on how to make your marriage a real success be guided by the important tips that are given at (Counseling: Psychological) and (Parental Responsibilities)

Good luck.

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