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Monday, January 4, 2010

Children Acting in Movies or Working in Reality Shows: Is That Not Child Labor?

Ban All Kinds of Child Labor

It's true that human beings are the worst irrational animals. Some things look black to human beings but some other things that are also equally black do not appear to be black to the same people. Ironically, those things are perceived as white and bright and people tend to glamorize them. And then, they cash on it.

Children working in unorganized sectors, like picking up the rags on the streets or engaged in begging etc for some business goons are pitied upon by the society and governments etc.

Children working in various kinds of offices and factories in the organized sector including the corporate sector are also pitied upon by the society and governments.

People talk a lots on these kinds of child labor and advocate to ban them. That's good. Do it.

But what about a large number of children who are engaged by the movie world and the reality shows on television and working for them? Is that not child labor? Perhaps, it is as bad as the ones cited earlier. These child engagements hammer and impact the cerebral aspects of the growing kids on the wrong side and that is highly damaging.

So ban the children acting in the movies and working for the reality shows on television or some similar engagement of children that should be termed as child labor. Ban them all. Do it now.

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