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Monday, March 29, 2010

Who Are responsible for These Deaths?

Remove the Security Cover of All the Politicians

Today 35 innocent people got killed in blasts at two Moscow metro stations.

This is not the first and the singular mishap. It looks like as if it is becoming a norm.

Who are responsible for such deaths?

The obvious answer will be: apparently those who planned and executed the blasts.

But on deeper thinking, you will come to the conclusion that the primary responsibility squarely falls on those people who hold now and held in the past, material political positions in numerous nations from time to time and who, by their dim witted thinking and actions, motivated by their greed and selfishness, created and spread disgruntlement and hurt in a large majority of human beings.

These people holding material power positions never get killed in such blasts because they are cozily protected by the machinery and the security which are heavily financed by the tax payers many of whom though fall victim to these blasts since they are not protected the same way.

Remove this cozy protection machinery and security given to these political people and then let us see how many people volunteer to become the so called leaders of the masses. Good people those who are non-corrupt and so, fearless may still opt for it.

And then the same political people will start behaving with greater responsibilities and will think, communicate, negotiate and act more prudently.The blast and killings might reduce significantly.

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